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It’s warm within: Autodesk and RocTool achieve simulation of induction heating within the mold.

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    To produce high-quality surface finishes for plastic parts with low production costs, automotive suppliers require flash heating of the mold. Induction heating uses high-frequency electricity to heat electrically conductive materials from within the mold. Autodesk, Inc., has teamed with RocTool (the foremost technology provider of induction heating equipment) to simulate this process. This presentation describes the theory, challenges, and 3D finite element solution of the Maxwell electromagnetic field equations. Finally an excellent correlation was achieved with validation data provided by RocTool.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how induction heating works
    • Discover how induction heating is applied to injection molding
    • Learn about rapid heating and cooling
    • Learn how Simulation Moldflow collaborates with industry