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The Inventor 7 Deadly Sins of 3D Part Modeling

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    Have you ever been in a situation where your Inventor software model failed-and you didn't know why? (I know you have; I have too.) Did you know that your Inventor 3D model's complex shape geometry is calculated by ASM-the Autodesk ShapeManager kernel? This class is aimed at intermediate and advanced Inventor users who want to increase their knowledge of Inventor software's part modeling tools by gaining a deeper understanding of how Inventor thinks. We'll cover tips and tricks for the 3D modeling of complex shapes in Inventor. We'll explain how to avoid and overcome modeling practices that give you unexpected results. We'll learn how to diagnose unexpected failures in your Inventor model and discuss ways to fix them. We hope that you'll come away from this class with a clearer idea of how to build stable, powerful models with Inventor. Come and learn how to improve your Inventor modeling skills and become more valuable to your company.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover bad modeling practices and how you can avoid and overcome them
    • Learn how to diagnose and fix unexpected failures
    • Learn how to create successful, stable, parametric 3D models
    • Understand how Inventor interprets your requests to build shapes