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Lecture    DV2258
Introduction to Android™ Development
Autodesk University
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Learn how quick and easy it is to start programming for Android devices. In this class, we expose how to set up the Android development environment on Windows® and Mac® OS X® platforms, and then create a basic application from scratch. We deploy the app on an Android device, show it running, and discuss how you can test and debug it. During these demonstrations, you learn where you need to go and what you need to do to start programming for the Android operating system. We also illustrate how to consume REST- and JSON-based web services from an Android device and discuss some of the related best practices. Knowledge of Java is not required to attend this class, although a previous experience with it or a similar programming language such as C++ or C# is a plus. Continue learning at DV2263-R Android™ Development: A Roundtable Discussion.

Key Learnings

  • Describe the basic components of the Android operating system
  • Start developing applications for Android devices
  • Consume REST web services from Android
  • Use some more advanced parts of the Android API


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