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Influence of Material Characterization and Modeling for Improved Pressure Prediction

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    This class will show how to use Simulation Moldflow Insight software for modeling the injection molding process in order to provide more accurate predictions of injection pressures during molding. We will explore factors such as material characterization, mesh type, and process settings. We will look at how the measurement of juncture loss coefficients can influence the pressure prediction provided by Simulation Moldflow Insight software for several different materials, both semicrystalline and amorphous. We will also examine how the incorporation of these coefficients influences the results between different mesh types (Midplane versus Full 3D). Additionally, we will present examples of actual projects where Simulation Moldflow Insight software was used to predict the injection pressure.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand juncture loss coefficients
    • Discover the representation of the WLF coefficients and how they influence pressure predictions
    • Discover how juncture loss coefficients influence pressure predictions in different mesh types
    • Learn how to improve modeling of runner systems for more accurate pressure predictions