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Improving the Performance of Your 5-Axis Milling Machine
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This class is designed to communicate how multiaxis milling machines can improve the efficiency of subtractively manufacturing your parts. We will then explain many of the common problems experienced by computer numerical control (CNC) programmers or owners of these machines, followed by a series of short demonstrations where we will explain how PowerMill software could provide solutions to these problems. This class will be useful for anyone involved in multiaxis milling. There are no prerequisite skills required, nor is knowledge of PowerMill required.

Key Learnings

  • Understand how multiaxis milling can improve your machining efficiency
  • Gain an understanding of the challenges that these machines will provide to new customers
  • Learn how PowerMill customers typically overcome these common problems, and how many of these solutions can be applied to other CAM solutions
  • Learn many PowerMill tips and tricks along the way



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