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How Technology Managers Leverage Flex to Achieve their Goals Faster

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    Looking to better optimize your Autodesk software? In this session, a leading consultancy shares never before seen access to their customized licensing dashboard that you can create for your own users. We have exclusive interviews with industry leaders from top companies, who will opening up about their Flex management for the first time ever. They'll be revealing the key steps they took to successfully implement and maximize Flex so you can start achieving your goals faster. Whether you are new to Flex or looking to level up your Flex management skills, you will not want to miss what our guest speakers have to share. This session was requested by customers just like you. Although Flex, Autodesk's pay-as-you-go option, has helped many of you achieve substantial cost savings in the past couple of years, we realized that we needed to discuss how you can leverage Flex to create value beyond cost savings. Avoid the mistakes by hearing how your peers manage Flex to meet their specific needs. You will leave this session ready to assess how you can tackle your own day to day challenges with Flex. If you previously believed that Flex only benefits teams with occasional users, please join us to find out how Flex can work for you!

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the many ways you can utilize Flex to create value and meet your specific needs.
    • Define your specific business goals and assess how you can implement Flex to help you achieve your targets faster.
    • Discover that Flex has many use cases and does not only benefit teams with occasional users.
    • Connect with peers for advice on implementing and managing Flex successfully.