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How to Add 3D Viewing to Your Website— Or Get Your Webmaster to Do It for You

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    You've invested so much time in creating fantastic 3D designs—isn't it frustrating that your website is all in 2D? Not any more. Now you can embed striking, interactive, intelligent 3D models into your web page, web application, or desktop application. We'll start with some advanced demos to show you what is possible, and then we'll take you step by step through the simple process of creating your own 3D-enabled website. To get the most out of this class, a basic knowledge of programming and/or web development would be helpful, but it's not essential.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to locate resources and information about Autodesk's new 3D viewer and its API
    • Learn how to embed the 3D viewer into your own web page or website
    • Learn how to control the viewer using the client-side JavaScript API
    • Learn how to translate your 3D design files for use with the viewer