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Have You Started Your Digital Twin Journey? How and Why (or Why Not)?

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    Believe it or not, digital twins are more than just a buzzword! Owners are realizing there’s a lot more they can do with the (on average) 95%+ of design and construction data that goes to waste—and they’re turning to us to help them put that data to meaningful use. In this session, you’ll hear about some real-world case studies showcasing why digital twins are here to stay. Of course, the path to development and integration is never without bumps along the way. We’ll discuss common obstacles and challenges in getting started with digital twins, and we’ll evaluate the growing digital twin ecosystem with platforms like Autodesk Tandem technology, Esri ArcGIS, EcoDomus, Unreal Engine, and many others that can serve a variety of owner needs. Join this vibrant roundtable and share your thoughts and experiences with digital twins and digital transformation in general. Let’s discuss ways we can help transition our industry toward a better future!

    Key Learnings

    • Discover currently viable digital twin platforms and use cases from real-world case studies.
    • Learn about developing a process for creating, integrating, and maintaining digital twins.
    • Evaluate which digital twin platform best aligns with your business needs, and why.
    • Learn about some of the common digital twin obstacles and misconceptions, and how to overcome them.