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Hands-on lab    MP21263-L
Hands-on Training: TruNEST Multi-Tool for Sheet Metal from Inventor
Autodesk University
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A 2D sheet metal design using Inventor software is easy, scalable, and cheap. After the sheet metal design process is complete, production of the sheet metal design needs to be optimized to reduce cost and time. The same part/assembly designs that are created and stored in Inventor software can be used to drive cutting tools for all types of cutting machines. This session will cover the process of programming cutting tools to cut material in the most efficient manner possible using TruNest Multi-Tool software. The specific topics covered will include: maintaining design intent and revision control through direct link to Inventor software or Vault software; extracting 2D flat-pattern shapes from each sheet metal part automatically; nesting shapes together on each material to get maximum material efficiency using TruNest Multi-Tool software; and postprocessing the nested result for a variety of different styles of cutting machines. The postprocessor optimizes the machine cycle to maximize machine throughput and reduce wear on consumables. This session features TruNest Multi-Tool, Inventor Professional, and Vault Professional. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Discover Nest Inventor assembly in TruNest Multi-Tool
  • Learn how to import designs from Inventor/Vault into TruNest Multi-Tool
  • Learn how to order scheduling for production of assemblies
  • Discover basic functionality and use cases in TruNest Multi-Tool


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