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Hands-on Training: Advanced Fiber Placement and Tape Laying

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    This session is a follow up to “Intro to Composite Manufacturing Platform.” This hands-on course will follow the entire manufacturing process of composite and carbon fiber parts using automated fiber placement and tape laying. We will cover the following topics: we will compare and analyze manufacturing strategies to determine the best manufacturing method for the part shape in question using TruPlan software; once we select the correct manufacturing technique for each layer of material, we will select a machine to lay the material automatically; we will define the automated fiber placement (AFP) machine using TruFiber software; and, finally, we will generate each toolpath to create the part for the AFP machine using TruFiber software. This session features TruPlan and TruFiber.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to import composite designs
    • Learn how to create manufacturing strategies
    • Learn how to analyze material defects
    • Learn how to create Fiber paths