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Future Disruptions in Automotive Design with Alias and VRED Line of Products

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    In the last few years, we’ve witnessed automotive design undergoing a sea change largely driven by two main factors: climate change concerns and consumer behavior. Push for more greener vehicles fueled by technological advancements has created a new category for consumers that’s redefining traditional vehicle aesthetics. Similarly, forces linked to ever-changing consumer aspirations and behaviors—largely driven by factors like rapid urbanization, rise in disposable incomes, digital and social awareness, unexpected events like Covid-19 pandemic, and geopolitical tensions—are already impacting automotive design. This session will take a look at how certain disruptions in the traditional automotive design approaches have the potential to shape the future of mobility and challenge the conformist styling concepts. We’ll also look at how Autodesk tools like Alias and VRED software continue to stay relevant in this overall transition.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a better understanding of future automotive design trends.
    • Discover potential design challenges in the future and how Autodesk can address them.
    • Get a glimpse of how Autodesk technologies have the potential to change the way automobiles get designed, bought, and used.
    • Discover how your organization can be prepared for this disruption.