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Future of Work: How Do You Implement That?

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    Autodesk is providing insights, technology and training to help you and your business prepare for the future of work. However, how do you practically implement this transformation - whether its greater automation, AI or digital twins - effectively in your projects? Are you accidentally exposing yourself to (potentially uninsured) risk and liability? Are you taking on more than you expected or costed for? In this practical and pragmatic class, receive guidance and tips on how to minimise risk and maximise profitability and effectiveness by clear documents, scope and processes.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand common causes of dispute and loss in requiring or accepting requirements for transformational change in projects
    • Minimise or avoid causes of dispute and unintended liability in implementing transformational or digital change
    • Understand how to best incorporate common future thinking/digital change requirements into contracts and scopes
    • Understand what key internal processes will effectively support the implementation of digital change and transformation