Lecture    SM6859-P
Evaluation of Rapid Prototyped Injection Molding Inserts Using Simulation Moldflow
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Rapid prototyping is increasingly being used in the production of injection molding inserts. This technology enables for much lower lead times in prototype and low-volume production. However, the thermal and structural properties of prototyped inserts are different than those of conventional machined inserts. The focus of this class is to use Simulation Moldflow Insight software to evaluate the thermal and mechanical behavior of rapid prototyped injection molding inserts. We will look at 3 sets of inserts that were analyzed using different manufacturing techniques and materials, which included selective laser sintered (SLS) bronze, PolyJet ABS-like material, and conventional machined stainless steel. Molding trials were performed on the inserts, as were computer simulations. The experimental and simulated results were compared for the thermal gradient, structural performance, part warpage, and part shrinkage.

Key Learnings

  • Discover effective practices for obtaining more accurate simulation results on rapid prototyped inserts
  • Discover benefits of rapid prototyped inserts in the injection molding industry
  • Identify pros and cons of parts produced via rapid prototyped inserts, including shrinkage, warpage, and thermal gradient
  • Learn how to use Simulation software to evaluate the structural performance of rapid prototyped inserts



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