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Dynamo: Generative Design for Automotive Industry

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    Generative design is a design method in which the output is generated by a set of rules or an algorithm. It is based on parametric modeling and it is a fast method of exploring design possibilities. Dynamo is a generative design application equipped with a user friendly interface based on Visual Programming. It’s a language which provides users ability to create geometry through scripts without any deep programming knowledge and experience. It allows designers and engineers to create geometry relationships based on rules and logic rather than traditional sculpting/push-pull manipulations and allows to generate geometry which normally would be very time consuming. This session will focus on some aspects of the generative design focused on detail modelling based on surfaces and geometry (complex and irregular 3d patterns, random geometry and fractal geometry) and show how these designs can be integrated into Alias and Alias SpeedForm models.

    Key Learnings

    • The unleashed potential of gnerative design in automotive industry
    • What is Visual Programming?
    • Connected workflows between Dynamo, Alias, and Alias SpeedForm
    • Complex patterns, fractal geometry modelling methods in Dynamo