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Dynamo Blues: 10 Things To Avoid In Your Script And How To Fix Them

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    Dynamo like any other programming experience has its share of headaches but once you know what to avoid you can move on to success. Visual scripting has been growing in popularity in AEC over the years with a lot of adventurous users. However with adventure come pitfalls that can be challenging to get around. Join me in this talk as we explore the 10 big things not to do in Dynamo that can cause script errors and strange behavior to occur. We’ll review the signs of the problem in the script, what to look for in an error, steps to try to fix the problem and documentation to help you along the way. Come and get a helping hand in this talk to learn the ropes of solving any problem you run into with Dynamo!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the 10 Common issues people run into with scripts and how to use Templates and Standards to reduce error rates
    • Understand what Errors and Warnings are in Dynamo and how to use them to troubleshoot your script
    • Understand How to diagnose the problem with your script so you can find the bug either in Dynamo or your BIM model to address
    • Find out about document sites that can provide community resources for support and examples to help you solve the problem