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Digital Transformation in Industrial Machinery

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    Digital transformation is the hot topic in the industrial machinery industry—but what does digital transformation mean to you? What problem(s) do you face? What needs to change? Why digital transformation? How will we recognize success? In which part of your business does transformation need to occur? Sales? Logistics? Inventory? Design and manufacturing? All of these! In this roundtable for industrial machinery leaders, we'll discuss current industry trends and pressures, share considerations for effective change, and debate how we can measure the success (and failure!) of our digital transformation initiatives. Join the best minds in the industry to help find answers and clarify your goals and approach to digital transformation in industrial machinery.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain insight into industry trends and pressures through access to your peers.
    • Get real-world answers to your digital transformation questions.
    • Discover best practices, partners, and solutions for digital transformation.
    • Learn about how to measure the success or failure of your digital transformation initiatives.