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Hands-on lab    PL22064-L
Data and Lifecycle Management in the Cloud (Lab)
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In this hands-on lab, we will teach you how to effortlessly upload and access your data in the Autodesk cloud. But getting data into the cloud is only part of the story; you’re going to want to do something with it. Being a Fusion Lifecycle software user, you will use that data to work through Fusion Lifecycle workflows. We will do all of this through a brand-new cohesive and fluid experience that you have to see! Come to this lab to take a spin through the new Fusion Lifecycle software and cloud product data management (PDM) experience. This session features PLM 360 (now Fusion Lifecycle) and Fusion Lifecycle.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use Fusion Lifecycle and A360 together through a new cohesive and fluid experience
  • Learn how to use Fusion Lifecycle with data stored in the Autodesk cloud
  • Learn how to access, edit, and upload all data from the cloud directly from desktop applications
  • Understand the concept of pinning attachments, of the various pinning policies, and of file operations using Fusion Lifecycle


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