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Dashboard, Smashboard—Vault Reporting on Steroids
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On several occasions during my time here at Autodesk, Inc., I’ve been asked: "What about Vault reporting? Oh, and how do I do that?" If you're asking that question too, this is definitely the class for you . . . but with a twist. We're not going to use Vault software reporting tools to do Vault reporting. Many people are now using Data Analytics tools to provide reporting on their data, and Vault software is no exception. In this class, we'll use tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) to provide reporting on Vault features like workflow, lifecycles, checkouts, project reporting (entire folder stats), and statistics that talk about data authors and the associated states. This session features Vault Professional 2017.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to export/extract Vault data
  • Learn ways to report Vault data —using Tableau
  • Learn ways to report Vault data —using PowerBI
  • Learn how to make your data reporting more real time using Dashboards



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