Customizing AutoCAD® P&ID
Lecture    PD1748
David Wolfe
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In this class, you will learn how to create and customize a sample AutoCAD P&ID software project. We will show you how to customize a title block to include company information, modify AutoCAD P&ID to use your own layering system, and create company blocks for your project. The class will cover how class structure affects symbol creation and how dynamic block tools work with AutoCAD P&ID. You will also learn how to work with project fields and find out where project settings are stored.

Key Learnings

  • Use dynamic block tools that work with AutoCAD P&ID
  • Locate where project settings are stored
  • Explain how the class structure affects symbol creation
  • Work with project fields


 David Wolfe
David Wolfe
David Wolfe has extensive experience customizing AutoCAD using Lisp, VBA, and .Net. He is a Process and Power Specialist with ECAD, Inc. and trains clients how to use and implement the AutoCAD Plant Design Suite. His experience helps him tailor AutoCAD installations to meet company standards and helps students get quickly up to speed using industry best practices.

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