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Correlation of Experimental Data with Simulation Moldflow Insight Transient Cooling Results

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    Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® Insight is a powerful tool to simulate the different stages of the injection molding process. New capabilities of this tool include a transient mold thermal analysis. This type of simulation combines the mold filling and packing simulation with a heat transfer analysis, hence providing increased accuracy in the mold thermal solution. Attendees see the variables that influence the analysis results and improvements that can be done to the model to more closely correlate with the real life. For this purpose, simulation results are compared to experimental results over a design of experiments varying coolant temperature, injection rate, barrel temperature, and cooling time. The experimental results, obtained using an instrumented mold, include temperature and pressure data. Finally, the differences between the transient cooling analysis and the conventional cycle average solution are compared as well as their correlation to experimental results.

    Key Learnings

    • List the variables that may affect the accuracy of the simulation results
    • Identify improvements that can be performed to a model in order to increase its accuracy
    • Describe the benefits of the transient cooling analysis
    • Distinguish the differences between cycle average thermal solution and transient cooling solution