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Combining Solid, Shell, and Line Elements with Inventor Nastran

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    Using one element type is not always feasible when performing stress analysis on large, complex CAD assemblies. Mixing solid, shell, and line elements together can produce a mesh that's more efficient and more accurate. This approach can drastically reduce analysis time and enable more automation in the digital prototyping process. In this class, Ed Gillman will explain the key differences between the finite element types and where they’re best utilized. He will then demonstrate the process of converting assemblies into mixed element models and the techniques that can be used to properly connect the mesh.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the difference between solid, shell, and line elements
    • Learn how to efficiently simplify CAD geometry into Autodesk Nastran idealizations
    • Learn how to bond shell element structures using continuous meshing
    • Learn how to connect elements using rigid body connectors and face splitting