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Class-A Modeling: Deep Dive with Alias V2022

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    “Class A” (or "strak") is a term used specifically in automotive design. It describes the final production surface data for the aesthetic parts of a car. The term is often misunderstood, but it's generally seen as the holy grail of surface modeling: It achieves the highest surface-quality levels, which demands a high level of automotive design knowledge and surface modeling skills. Class A represents the craftwork end of the design process. It combines superior highlights on the surfaces by matching the engineering requirements of legal regulation. Creating the main surface shapes that describe the vehicle is the primary design activity. But the painstaking, detailed craftsmanship of perfecting those surfaces, designing flanges and panel gaps, is what guarantees that a beautiful design will become a beautiful, manufacturable product. In conjunction with the latest release of Alias software, we'll review the enhancements that make Class A modeling easier and more efficient.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover Class A modeling
    • Learn about Class A modeling with Alias
    • Gain an overview of new features and updates
    • Learn how to improve workflows to be more efficient