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Lecture    MA3044
Case Study: Using Autodesk PLM 360 for Managing Research and Development Data
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This class describes an advanced implementation of Autodesk PLM 360 cloud-based product lifecycle management software at Alstom Power Automation & Controls (Alstom PAC). A representative from Alstom PAC presents the company's cloud strategy roadmap. We describe how the system is used to manage research and development (R&D) items and present the data model needed for installed base management. We demonstrate workflows for a new business unit and a new R&D item that are already in use at the company. Autodesk Consulting managed the project, including using cloud technology to rapidly gather customer requirements using workshops under the agile methodology. The process enables the customer to obtain quick wins.

Key Learnings

  • Apply best practices for managing R&D Items in the cloud with PLM 360
  • Manage the reuse of existing parts by implementing PLM 360
  • Assess and gather requirements for an implementation of PLM 360
  • Describe how Autodesk Consulting is managing and delivering service projects



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