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Beyond Training: Practical Strategies for Happy Students and Motivated Learners

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    You think technology is great, but sometimes those you’re training clearly do not. Designed for software trainers and educators, attendees of this workshop will gain insight into pedagogical strategies aimed at helping students navigate the constantly changing—and sometimes frustrating—process of learning software. The presenter will outline teaching approaches that have been shown to increase motivation, including how to help learners bring autonomy, competency, and value to their learning. The presenter will share examples of how to practically integrate innovative teaching practices into both short software workshops and semester-long college courses, as well as provide example handouts aimed at helping students retain information.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply practical teaching strategies for software training workshops and technology courses
    • Learn how to access your student’s prior knowledge and learning goals
    • Learn how to integrate constructs of autonomy, competency, and value into your course delivery
    • Learn how to design workshop handouts aimed at student retention