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Automating Out the Skills Gap with PowerMill and FeatureCAM

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    Everyone nationwide is feeling the skills gap. With the increasing breadth of this issue looming over manufacturing, automating processes have become paramount to every business. Many CAM products offer solutions that come close; however, they leave your team with a learning process that’s more of a setback than a solution. Let us show you how technologies within Autodesk’s advanced manufacturing solutions PowerMill and FeatureCAM—such as AFR (Automatic Feature Recognition) and Custom Macro creation—can help you close the gap. Automating the basic functions in your workflows lets new talent pick up processes faster and gives you the time to train your team for true success.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to capitalize on template creation to streamline your processes
    • Learn how to structure your process in order to successfully use your knowledge throughout your shop environment
    • Learn how to access the on-board macro programs
    • Discover specific processes for successful CAM automation