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Automate CNC Machining By Using the Inventor HSM API and iLogic for CAM Products

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    It’s time to let your CAM system work for you by automating tasks that previously required user input. iLogic is a very powerful tool that helps us automate product creation, and with the new Inventor HSM CAM API you can create computer numerical control code that is ready to manufacture without a user interacting in generation of the program and NC code. This way, the customers can configure their products via an online configurator or web form, and let production start right away. We will explore which product is suitable for configuration with the Inventor HSM API. We will show the possibilities and the limitations, and we will demonstrate ways for your customer to enter those configuration parameters via website, Microsoft Excel, or email. We will also show some CAM automation that can save time on your day-to-day CAM work.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to save time by automating repeating CAM tasks
    • Discover the product requirements for CNC product configuration
    • Learn how to create a product where model and CNC code can be generated without user input
    • Learn how to select the way that a customer will enter the parameters for configuration