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Addressing the productivity crisis in construction

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    <p>The productivity crisis is well known, and numerous industry reports identify the issues &amp; scale of the opportunity. Boosting productivity is the greatest chance the sector has to transform itself - it is the one lever which would automatically help address sustainability, the skills gap, rising costs &amp; pressure on resources. This session will evidence dramatic advances in business outcomes that are now being made by combining technologies; algorithmic &amp; computational design, industrialized construction, use of robotics and on-site automation are being deployed together, already demonstrating how schedules can be halved using far fewer operatives, achieving higher quality &amp; safety, with lower carbon. However, this has required new relationships and procurement strategies. As well as showing real world examples, this session will also consider how roles, business models, incentives and value propositions will need to adapt if the industry is to make the step change that is necessary.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Understand what &#039;productivity&#039; really means in construction, &amp; why comparisons to e.g. manufacturing aren&#039;t always relevant.
    • See which approaches, digital tools and automation technologies are having the greatest impact in transforming outcomes
    • Identify procurement approaches, risk management &amp; delivery models that are bringing clients closer to their supply chains
    • Have a better understanding of how the future of construction will need to be shaped, and who the key players will need to be