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Lecture    SD6230
Add 3D Photogrammetry to Your Desktop and Mobile Apps using ReCap Photo API
Autodesk University
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The Reality Capture Group at Autodesk, Inc., is working on new ways to use laser scans or photos through the ReCap software technology to acquire, manipulate, and analyze real-world data. This class will focus on how to programmatically access the ReCap software web API (application programming interface) from a Microsoft .NET desktop application, and also how to access it from Android and iOS mobile apps. We will start with a quick overview of basic photogrammetry concepts and image parameters. We will follow with a brief introduction to REST-based web services, and we will explore how to authenticate with the Autodesk server using the OAuth protocol. We will then expose in detail the capabilities of the ReCap software web API and show you how to define a photo scene and create a dense 3D mesh from multiple pictures. We will also introduce the most effective practices to access and work with the API through examples in .NET, Android, and iOS apps.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to consume an Autodesk REST-based web API from desktop and mobile apps
  • Understand how the ReCap software API is working and what it can achieve
  • Get hands-on experience in no time through the use of API wrappers we created on different platforms
  • Learn how to create apps for desktop and mobile platforms that use the ReCap technology


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