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September 6, 2023

Work Smarter: Explore the Partner and Developer Ecosystem in the Expo at AU 2023



AU is about learning—and connection. And the Expo at AU 2023 is the perfect place to connect with the proven partners and service providers that can help you not only learn, but implement new technologies, hone workflows, and optimize processes.  


From established tech leaders to start-ups, these are specialists that can help you adapt to disruption more quickly, transform your business, and gain competitive advantage in the market. The only question is what goals you have and what outcomes you want to achieve. Explore all the developers and partners in the Exhibitor Catalog, or check out these featured topics:  


Cross-industry practices and processes  

Explore the technologies and trends that can help you design and make in ways that are better for people, the planet, and the bottom line—no matter what industry you work in.  


AI and machine learning are advancing rapidly these days—maybe you’ve heard? Learn how to put them to work to automate processes, analyze data, and augment your creative work.   


Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey, get to know the partners and providers that can help you optimize your existing processes today while preparing for the future of your industry.  


Sustainability is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity, and also a competitive differentiator. Find partners that can help you assess the carbon footprint and waste created by your projects—and mitigate impact—in early-phase design, when you can make the biggest difference with the least effort.  


Building and Infrastructure Design and Engineering 

From homes, hospitals, and skyscrapers to bridges and smart cities, connect with companies that can help you develop our built world in more intelligent and sustainable ways.  


Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality enable us to create immersive experiences from digital assets, while new approaches to reality capture enable us to turn the real world into digital assets quickly and easily. And both can help you design and build better.  


Buildings can’t just be beautiful. Engineering provides the bones of the buildings we use, and new approaches are enabling us to build safer, stronger, and more sustainable structures, whether your focus is on structural and mechanical elements, electrical, or plumbing.  


Whether you’re building new or renovating existing structures, smarter infrastructure starts with better workflows and a connected, model-first approach to design and construction that Expo exhibitors can help you implement.  


The power of digitized approaches doesn’t end once a project is delivered. Digital twins enable you to carry the connected approach into building operations and facilities management by creating a digital version of a project that is constantly informing—and informed by—the real-world asset.  



A revolution is taking place in construction. It may not be apparent to those walking past the site, but the ways we build are changing, thanks to digitization and the possibilities of the Autodesk Design and Make Platform. Connect with the partners that can help you accelerate your transformation.  


Before a building begins, there are many decisions to be made and plans and personnel to coordinate. That makes a connected and informed approach to preconstruction essential. Get to know the partners who can help you assemble the right team, create accurate estimates, and manage bids effectively.   


Construction projects involve many players and many moving parts. Effective construction management—from project management to QA/QC and beyond—can make the difference between profitability and loss.  


By applying a manufacturing mindset to the construction process, we can build in ways that are safer, cheaper, and more sustainable without sacrificing style or quality. Whether you’re talking about prefabrication or, more broadly, Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), talk collaborate with experienced partners that can help you implement and extend a strategy for industrialized construction 


Product Design & Manufacturing  

Manufacturing has always embraced innovation, seeking new ways to automate processes, increase efficiency, and improve quality. With the Autodesk Design and Make Platform, more is possible. Talk to the partners that can help you create better products with less waste and greater efficiency.  


The definition of advanced manufacturing is constantly changing. Whether you’re focused on machining, better CAM, or new fabrication processes like 3D printing or injection molding, top companies in the AU Expo can help you get ahead of the curve.  


New technologies can help you in the design phase, too, whether your focus is on automotive, industrial machinery, or consumer goods. Meet the experts that can help you accelerate the design process, optimize your models, and simulate performance under real-world conditions.  


Generative design capabilities in Fusion can help you find new design solutions—including some you may never have conceived of. Learn how to collaborate with AI and algorithmic problem-solving tools to create better products and better outcomes.  


Media & Entertainment 

Whether you work in games, film, or TV—or use tools from those industries to share designs with stakeholders and collaborators—connect with the companies that can help you enhance quality, simplify collaboration, and streamline your production pipeline.  


In the world of 3D animation and visual effects, how you get work done can be just as important as the creative ideas you come up with. Meet the partners that can help you get new projects up and running quickly, accelerate review, automate routine tasks, and get the most from your people and your technology. 


The same technologies that enable us to build new worlds for games and movies can also be used to share building, infrastructure, and product designs. Explore what’s possible with real-time 3D and immersive XR experiences for clients and collaborators with partners specializing in design visualization.  


Whatever your focus, whatever the next step on your journey, you’ll find trusted partners in the Expo that can help you transform. Register for your AU 2023 Pass and we’ll see you in Vegas!