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September 13, 2023

Learning at AU 2023

Learn at AU


Our world is changing more rapidly than ever and our industries are changing with it, driven by new customer demands, new team expectations, and new imperatives to design and make smarter, faster, and with less impact on people and the planet. If you’re feeling greater uncertainty about the future and the work you do, you’re not alone.  


Advances in technology are the underlying force driving many of these changes, but those same technologies are also what will enable us to adapt. Whether you’re thinking about the rapid (and continuing) advances in AI or the ways that the cloud is transforming how we collaborate, these new tools can help us analyze data in new ways, automate processes, and augment our abilities like never before. 


We’re on the cusp of a new era, and learning is how we get ready for it. And at AU 2023 we’ll have more than 600 sessions to help you build your skills and reach your goals. If you work in the Design and Make industries, you won’t want to miss it. The session catalog is available and enrollment is open. Register now.  


Check out some ways you can sort and search sessions to build your perfect AU schedule:   


Explore by industry and outcome 

Whether your focus is on architecture, building engineering, construction, manufacturing, or media, drill down into Business Outcomes in the session catalog navigation to find the classes that can help you achieve your professional goals, such as:  



There are multiple outcomes for each Design and Make industry. Explore them all, and don’t be afraid to get granular with your learning goals.  


Explore by technology 

Innovation transforms industry practice, and the Autodesk Design and Make Platform enables you to put new technologies and capabilities like AI and machine learning, XR and reality capture, simulation and analysis, and new fabrication techniques to work to design and make better. Explore by Topic in the Session Catalog to see all your options.  


Learn on your terms 

Everyone has different learning styles and preferences—and different goals for the conference—so find the session formats that work for you. If you’re looking for thought leadership and big ideas, check out the industry talks. If you’re looking for practical training, check out technical instruction classes and hands-on labs. Want to see how someone else got the job done? Join case studies. Sit in on panels to hear experts share insight and experience. Or join roundtable discussions to work directly with your peers and share your perspective.  


Design Thinking Workshops 

Don’t miss the newest addition to the Session Catalog—Design Thinking Workshops! Dig in and problem-solve with your peers on topics including sustainability, automation, AI, and the future of work. 


Whether you’re focused on immediate changes to stay competitive, near-term changes to succeed over the next few years, or transformation that can take you into the next decade and beyond, AU 2023 is where Design and Make professionals can find their people and their purpose through learning. Get your Full Conference Pass and join us.