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April 2, 2024

AU 2024 Call for Proposals Is Open


How are you connecting design and make processes and finding new ways to do more with your project data? How are you using AI and other new technologies to accelerate processes, expand design possibilities, and make insights about final outcomes a key factor in early-phase design? How are you driving better results for your bottom line while improving outcomes for people, communities, and the world? 


Call for Proposals for AU 2024 is now open. It’s time to share your discoveries, discuss your workflows, and help peers and partners to find new ways to adapt to the disruption that we all face.  


From tips and tricks to click-by-click workflows, big-picture insights to ongoing innovations, we want to hear how you’re creating new possibilities for the design and make industries. Submit your ideas for classes or Theater talks for AU 2024 from April 2 through April 30. 


What’s new for AU 2024 

  • We have a renewed focus on technical learning sessions, and we’re increasing the number of hands-on labs that we’ll be programming. Customers can submit proposals for this session type this year.  
  • Thought leadership is still a big priority, and Theater Talks are included in the AU 2024 Call for Proposals. Theater Talks are 15-minute sessions focused on thought leadership and inspirational case studies. Theater Talks are different than classes in a number of important ways. Get details in the appendix at the end of the Call for Proposals Guide.  
  • Panels and meetups will replace roundtable discussions for sessions that lend themselves to discussion and collaborative problem solving. 
  • Meetups will be programmed for AU 2024 but are not part of the current Call for Proposals process. Stay tuned for more details. 


About the conference 

AU is the Design and Make conference where practitioners, visionaries, and decision makers from the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and entertainment come together to share progress and process, innovation and inspiration. It’s where the professional Design and Make community convenes to find better, smarter, more sustainable ways to work—and Call for Proposals is how we source the learning sessions for the conference.


AU 2024 will once again be a hybrid event. The in-person experience will take place in San Diego October 15-17, with the digital experience happening online at the same time. Like last year, speakers whose proposals are accepted will be expected to give their class live at the in-person event, and also pre-record a digital version.  


How to submit a proposal 

  • Check out the Call for Proposals page on the AU website for access to all the necessary resources.  
  • Review the Call for Proposals Guide to see all requirements and to make sure that your proposal is aligned with the priorities and topics of this year’s conference.  
  • Review sample proposals to see what “good” looks like.  
  • Download the Proposal Worksheet to draft your proposal before submitting. 
  • Submit your proposal using the online form. Note that this year, you can edit submitted proposals up until the April 30 deadline.  


At AU, everyone’s a leader and everyone’s a learner. Call for Proposals is the time to show what you know and share how you’re changing your industry. We can’t wait to see what you’re up to!