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June 20, 2024

Attending AU 2024: Make the Case to Your Manager


You know that going to AU 2024 can help your company and your career. But what about your manager? Do they understand how it can help your entire team adapt to the accelerating pace of transformation, respond to the opportunities and challenges your company faces, and design and make the future? Attending AU is an investment that can pay off in important ways in both the near term and the long term—for both you and your company. Here are some ideas for how to make the case.



Invest in transformation 

Using our cost calculator, you can present a clear estimate of the total cost of attending AU 2024. Then, think about the ROI on that investment—the increased productivity, the reduced need for training for your team, and the ability to get ahead of the curve on the changes that lie ahead. You know the projects that you’re working on now, you know the projects that are in the pipeline, so make an honest estimate of what attending AU could do for your company’s bottom line. You’ll find a sample email that you can copy and modify to help you make the case. And for maximum ROI, get your Full Conference Pass to AU 2024 before July 27 at the best price. 


Build your network 

In this era of digital transformation and remote or hybrid working, nothing replaces the power of in-person connections. Building your network and talking to peers, experts, and executives can be an important way to support your own professional growth. And with dozens of hours of scheduled networking events like meetups and receptions, plus countless opportunities for conversation in classrooms, in the hallways, in the elevators, and all around the conference, AU 2024 is a great place to build your own network and find your place in our community. Foster the relationships that can revolutionize your company’s future. After all, as the saying goes, “Your network is your net worth.”  


Tap into new trends and explore key topics  

Things are changing fast in the Design and Make industries—whether you’re talking about the new possibilities created by AI with every passing month or the new demands and expectations for greater sustainability from customers, regulators, and investors. Whether on the main stage, in classes, in the AU Theater, in the Expo, or in Meetups or receptions, AU 2024 is the place to discover how others are adapting, what innovations lie just over the horizon, and how your company can position itself for growth over the next year, the next decade, and beyond. 


Get technical 

Over the past few years, the AU community has made it clear that technical learning is a key part of the AU learning experience—and we got the message. That’s why we’re scheduling more than 40 hands-on labs (more than ever before!) and 220+ technical demos among the 650+ classes available at AU 2024. Dive deep into the workflows and the practical tips that can help your whole team tackle new kinds of projects, reimagine traditional processes, and become more productive and efficient.  


Attending AU 2024 is an investment in your future—and the future of your company. The skills you acquire, the knowledge you gain, and the connections you make will ripple out, benefiting your entire team and driving your company forward. So, get ready to make a compelling case to your manager. We can’t wait to see you in San Diego!