News from AU
November 27, 2018

Welcome to the New AU Web Experience

AU is a community focused on learning. And at AU, learning happens through community.

If you’ve been to an AU conference, you know it’s about much more than just attending classes. It’s about developing personal and professional connections with colleagues and seeing how others are solving problems. It’s about allowing insights to emerge from the collective experience of thousands of industry professionals. It’s about coming together to bring the future of making into focus.

But each AU conference only lasts for a few days.

That’s why we’re launching a new web experience for AU today, one that enables year-round learning, and also supports year-round community and professional connections. It’s our first step in making the experience of an AU conference accessible all year.

What’s new?

A personalized experience—When you sign in to the AU website, it will remember the classes you watch and bookmark, and offer suggestions on what you might like. Whether your focus is building better through BIM, connecting the design-to-make process in manufacturing, or streamlining media production, the site will highlight the content you care about most. Update your account information with the industry most relevant to your day-to-day work. And personalize your experience further by choosing topics you want to follow.

Community connection—You’ll also be able to connect with other users, speakers, and experts in new ways. For starters, follow speakers and peers with interests similar to yours to find out what classes they like, what comments they’re making, and more.

More kinds of content—In addition to thousands of recorded classes and keynotes, plus supplemental handouts and presentation decks, the new site also hosts other types of content, like 15-minute presentations from the Theater and bite-sized knowledge from impactful speakers and thought leaders. So you can learn and engage whether you have a few hours or a few minutes.

Check it out, sign in, and start learning and connecting. This launch represents a major step forward for AU and the learning community we’re building together. And it’s just the beginning—look for continued improvements and new functionality in the months ahead.

The AU community can play an important role in your professional development. It’s also helping shape the future of making. So join the conversation. Be part of the transformation of your industry by being part of the community that is helping to drive the change. With a new AU, you can do it all year long.