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November 2, 2017

Tour the Future of Making Things in the AU Exhibit Hall

<span>AU Program</span>
AU Program
The AU Exhibit Hall is where you can get up close to—and in some cases, even get your hands on—the technologies and processes that are changing how we work and, ultimately, how we live. It’s also a chance to see in action some of the things you’ll hear about in keynotes, classes, the Theater, and throughout the AU experience. It’s an incredible environment for learning, and there’s a lot to see. New this year, join us in the Exhibit Hall for a guided tour of the Future of Making Things Experience, showcasing the technologies and practices that are driving change, along with other areas of discovery like the Drone Zone. Get a sense of the transformations taking place in how the world around us is being designed, created, engineered, and built. Over the course of the hour-long tour, you’ll learn about innovations that are helping to break down barriers between industries and enabling intelligent automation. You’ll hear about groundbreaking projects architects and designers are pioneering around the world, and discover how professionals like yourself are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible using the latest tools and practices—from manufacturing to design to construction and beyond. Sign up for the general tour, or an AEC or D&M-focused tour.