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September 7, 2017

The Theater: Big Stage, Big Ideas

If you’ve been to AU, you know there are a range of session formats, from hands-on labs and instructional demos to industry talks, panels, and roundtables. Each has its appeal, depending on what and how you want to learn. But let’s face it, all of these sessions last 60-90 minutes. They’re a full mental meal. Sometimes, it’s nice to try something a little, well…lighter. That’s why we’ve added something new at AU this year: the Theater. It’s more like a mental tasting menu. The Theater is a dedicated space adjacent to the Hub and the Grand Foyer where we’ll be hosting shorter presentations throughout the conference—all less than 30 minutes. Talks will focus on thought leadership and groundbreaking work, and most will involve multimedia eye candy to go with the mind candy. And there’ll be time for Q&A at the end of each presentation. We’ll be talking about topics that will have an important impact on how we live and work over the next 50 years. You can register for the sessions to fit them into your calendar, or just drop in! We won't turn folks away. Sessions include: Cloud Collaboration  — More data, more computing power, flexible access, and easier connections to the people you work with all make the cloud a game changer for the process of making, especially in AEC. Factories of the FutureLearn how intelligent robots and new controllers and sensors will change manufacturing. Generative Design and Machine IntelligenceExplore how this new design approach will impact manufacturing and construction. Meet the Robots: Explore the Future of Intelligent Automation  – Intelligent robots that are aware of their surroundings, can evaluate their own work, and learn on the job hold enormous promise for both manufacturing and building. Mixing Reality: Combining AR, VR, and the Real WorldEnter the world of mixed reality, enabling physical and digital objects to interact in real time. Redshift Live: A Conversation on Technology, Jobs, and the Future of WorkIn this panel, leaders in manufacturing, construction, entertainment, and other industries discuss the impact of automation on the future of work, including the emergence of new roles and job functions, advanced training and reskilling, and the potential for entirely new industries to materialize. And many more. Speakers include Autodesk, Aurecon, Amazon Web Services, Robots in Architecture, and Safe Software among other forward-thinking partners. Check out the schedule of what’s going on when and add your picks to your AU calendar. Grab a seat, sit back, and let your mind be blown. We’ll see you in the front row.