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March 16, 2018

Telling Stories, Building Futures: Presentations to Help You Share Your Vision with Impact

At AU, we help celebrate the ways today’s industry professionals imagine, design, and make a better world. It’s where we come to connect and learn from each other, and in the process we dive into big questions about the future of work, the future of our industries, and the future of making things. AU gives us all a chance to tell our stories. That means your story is important, whether it’s a problem you solved, a workflow you perfected, a trend you’re a part of, or a breakthrough you’re making. From classes to keynotes, Theater sessions to roundtable discussions, there are innumerable ways to share your unique knowledge and insight. But how you tell your story matters. In these 3 videos, top thinkers and storytellers provide their perspective on where things are headed, and share skills and approaches for crafting narratives and structuring ideas so that your audience can better understand them. We’ll be sharing more stories like these in the weeks ahead, and again at AU Las Vegas in November. Look out for them. Share them. And think about how your story fits in. Because at AU, everyone has something to teach and something to learn.
  • Darren Brooker works at the intersection of design, innovation, and storytelling. Here, he gets scientific about what makes a great story work. (video: 16:21 min.)
  • Bill O’Connor is an innovation strategist studying the top 1,000 innovations in world history. Learn how we can divide technologies into those that automate what we do and those that augment our natural abilities. (video: 14:49 min.)
  • Tom Wujec is the author of the books Imagine, Design, Create and The Future of Making, among others. In this presentation, he walks you through his process for making a book about the future of making. (video: 14:45 min.)