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July 26, 2018

Take a Peek at Classes for AU Las Vegas 2018

AU 2018 is still a few months away, but with class selections announced and registration opening on August 8, it’s time to start thinking about the learning that lies ahead.

What new skills and workflows will help you move ahead in your job? What big-picture perspectives can help you orient yourself and plan the next step in your career? How is your industry changing, and what technologies do you need to master to stay relevant? What classes will help you build on what you learned last year? What communities do you want to connect with better? These are the questions to keep in mind as you consider your choice of AU classes this year.

A sneak peek at the AU Las Vegas classes will be available soon. In the meantime here are a few highlights and a few faces that you might recognize from AUs gone by.

Data in Construction
It was a big topic last year, and it’ll be big again this year—how to use data through every step of the design and construction process, from concepting and preplanning through to building and management. Why? Because it can bring efficiency and improve decision-making, just for starters.

Anand Rajagopal inspired us last year with his class about the impact of AI and machine learning on construction.


This year, Anand will be back with Andy Leek of PARIC to talk about how to connect apps and data silos on construction projects using BIM 360.

Mixed Reality and Design
VR and AR are transforming the design process for designers, partners, and customers, bringing ideas to life and enabling immersive experiences before foundations get laid or prototypes get printed.

Last year, David Beach focused on the power of data in the construction predesign phase, and hinted at the ability to push designs to VR.


This year, David will take us further down the mixed reality path with his class, Visualizing Design Analytics in VR with FormIt.

You’ll also find a range of other classes on the topic this year, including Agile Construction: Virtual Last Planner Input Optimized by Artificial Intelligence, from AU first-timer Chris Callan.

Intelligent Robotics
Robots are good, and intelligent robots are even better. But knowing how to make the most of the latest generation of robots is best of all.

Laurens Wijnschenk got us thinking (and making) last year with his class on CNC automation with robots.


This year, Laurens returns with a deep dive into the MillTurn side of HSM, covering everything from the actual programming to post-processor setup to machine capabilities.

This is just a sample of the expert content available to you as part of the AU community. From industrialized construction and advanced manufacturing to visualization and advanced materials, AU 2018 will offer a range of classes on all the most important topics impacting how we imagine, design, build, and make the world around us.

What will you learn at AU this year?