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July 10, 2019

Sustainability and AU: 2019 and Beyond

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Autodesk is committed to helping you imagine, design, and make a better world. It’s our mission, our priority, and our purpose—not only in the products we make, but in how we run our company. And with a 41% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in fiscal year 2019 and 100% renewable energy powering our cloud services, our FY2019 Sustainability Report shows that we’re walking our talk.

“The most successful companies will be those that align business success with positive impact in the world. Autodesk wants to lead the way.” —Andrew Anagnost, CEO, Autodesk

Sustainability and AU

Autodesk University is proud to play a key part in these efforts—education is, after all, an essential component of making a better, more sustainable world. Every day AU helps our community get more out of their tools and learn about sustainable design and development. In fiscal year 2019, 2 million people visited the AU website and watched 73,000 hours of instructional video.

And at AU events, we’re about sustainability in ways both big and small. Specifically, we:

  • are committed to carbon neutrality for all international events.
  • use a mobile app instead of paper conference guides.
  • turn off lights and screens when not in use.
  • donate excess food to local charities.
  • offer cutlery that is either reusable or compostable.
  • provide plenty of water (also coffee), but no plastic water bottles—it’s BYOB (bring your own bottle).
  • ask exhibitors to cut back on handouts and waste whenever possible.

And that’s just the beginning. Learn more about how we’re increasing sustainability and setting an example with our video on The Greening of Autodesk University.

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What can you do?

Little things make a difference. If you’re attending AU, consider sharing a taxi from the airport with another AU attendee. Or reusing the linens in your hotel room and turning off the air conditioning when you’re out.

You can also make a difference by exploring these AU sessions focused on sustainable practices across industries:

Transforming Construction and Improving Efficiency Using BIM 360

By assigning each individual building unit a QR code and connecting with BIM 360, construction company John SISK was able to assign an unlimited amount of information—and ultimately reduce the amount of paper used on their project—by 44%. And that’s before they integrated AR. Check out this eye-opening industry talk with Marco Bonelli, fresh from the recently-concluded AU London 2019.

Lunch & Learn Session: Put Your Products on a Diet with Generative Design

Are you trying to lower costs through energy efficiency and waste reduction? Have you tried generative design? Additive manufacturing? Check out this session from the Autodesk Sustainability team and learn how to get more out of your resource inputs, increase productivity, and eliminate waste.

Structural Engineering with Autodesk Solutions

Explore how structural engineering organizations and Autodesk are helping to create more sustainable and resilient structures. Graham Aldwinckle, associate director and BIM leader at Arup, shares his wisdom in this industry talk from AU London 2019.