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September 27, 2019

Steven Schain: AI, 3D Printers, and Atomized Learning

This interview is part of a series featuring the members of our diverse AU community, from speakers and conference attendees to forum participants and online commenters. You are AU.

Steven Schain

1. What’s your current job role?
My current job is as the post-production supervisor and M&E / mechanical content development manager for 4D Technologies.

2. What are your main areas of expertise and interest?
I’ve been an animator and mechanical designer for over 25 years. I started teaching Autodesk 3D Studio DOS in 1993, and Autodesk Inventor with Release 1. I am still developing training for both software packages today.

3. What inspires you?
I’m constantly inspired by those peers and students who create amazing designs and share them with the world.

4. What do you enjoy most about your work?
I enjoy the challenge of coming up with ways to teach a tool or technique that provide for atomized learning. In other words, the content is broken down into easily watchable short lessons that focus the user’s attention on one goal.

5. What one thing should new graduates entering your field know?
Find a mentor in your chosen field and listen to their advice. Many veterans are more than willing to teach what they know, and that knowledge is invaluable for people just entering the workforce.

6. What excites you about the future? What scares you?
When I look into the future, I see a world where AI and advanced additive manufacturing allow designers and engineers to be more creative, with the AI dealing with mundane, repetitive tasks and advanced calculations. I believe this can help us build better products, with fewer defects and better aesthetics. What scares me about the future is that AI will take jobs away from many of the people now working in fields where their skills and knowledge are easily replaced with that same AI.

7. What’s your favorite piece of technology?
I would have to say that my 3D printers are my favorite piece of tech today. They open the door to an incredible array of possibilities that never existed before.

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