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August 31, 2022

Six Reasons for Business Leaders to Come to AU 2022


What’s your most complex business challenge, and how do you plan to solve it? How can you use new technologies to transform, and which should you deploy first? What steps can you take now to make sure your company not only remains competitive, but leads your industry in the years to come?

If you’re a business leader, you may not have the answers to all these questions—but they’re the questions you should be asking. AU 2022 is almost here, and the executive experience at the conference is designed to give you new insight, expertise, and perspective so you can ask the right questions and explore possible answers for your company.

With an Executive Pass to AU 2022, you can join leaders, entrepreneurs, and decision makers from across industries for three days of learning, discussion, and collaborative problem solving. Through leadership workshops, networking activities, learning sessions, and exclusive access to the Executive Lounge, AU 2022 gives you the chance to learn from your peers. You will have the chance to connect, get up-to-speed with the latest technologies and discover how industry leaders like yourself are putting new tools to work to achieve better business outcomes.

Here are six reasons why leaders won’t want to miss the executive experience at AU 2022:

1)   Drive digital transformation

Digital transformation isn’t new—we’ve been doing it for decades. But a host of new technologies—the cloud, AI, simulation, VR and AR—are enabling a new phase of transformation. So where should you be putting your time, energy, and investment? It depends. Every company is on a unique digital transformation journey. AU 2022 is the place to gain new perspectives from experts and hash out the possibilities with peers. Working with others, you can explore new approaches and set your priorities for the year—and the decade—ahead. You’ll learn how to not only prioritize technology investments but inspire and engage your teams to come along for the ride. Check out these leadership workshops:


2)   Find new efficiencies

Efficiency means different things in different contexts. It can mean spending less time on your processes. It can mean using less material and generating less waste. Ultimately, it means finding the most cost-effective way to create the highest quality product or service. Whether it’s design automation making a complex design achievable, intelligent robotics accelerating production, or simply better collaboration tools reducing the back-and-forth between teams, new technologies are creating new possibilities. Check out these leadership workshops:  


3) Increase sustainability

Everything we do has an impact—on people and the world. As a leader, what can you do to reduce your company’s negative impact and boost the positive? Whether you’re focused on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste, or creating more energy-efficient products and buildings, AU 2022 will feature strategies and tools to make your teams, your processes, and your company more sustainable. Technology is the key—and it's changing rapidly. Talk to the experts and innovators who can help you advance. Check out these leadership workshops:


4) Build resilience

Businesses have had plenty of disruption to navigate over the past few years. How well you can bounce back and adapt to the unexpected—that’s a measure of your resilience. And whether you’re reacting to environmental factors related to climate change or societal shifts due to political events or health crises, resilience has always been a key factor for business success. From better collaboration processes to flexible supply chains to agility in production methods, learn how other companies are honing their ability to respond, and building resilience for whatever lies ahead. Check out these leadership workshops:


5) Make better decisions faster

Important decisions are made every day by you and by others in your organization. But are they the right calls? Do people have the information they need to chart a proper course, or to change course when there’s cause? Can you turn data into insight in a way that powers prudent choices when it matters? At AU 2022, you’ll find sessions that can help you ensure your teams have the data they need when they need it, and in a format they can use and understand. And you’ll find new ways to pull insight from your data—insight that can inform future decisions. Check out these leadership workshops:


6) Reimagine possible for your company

Finding better, more efficient ways to do what you already do is good. But ultimately, digital transformation holds potential for more foundational changes—changes that enable you to disrupt your industry. It’s about fundamentally rethinking how you engage with customers and partners and deliver value in the market. For some companies, that could mean using their intellectual property in a whole new way—turning a product into a service, or vice versa. It could mean putting customers in control of their own cost-price-quote process through automation. It could mean offering consulting services that move you from being a vendor to becoming a true partner. What’s the new possible for your company? AU 2022 is where you come to explore the possibilities. Check out these leadership workshops:


The executive experience at AU 2022 will be a unique opportunity to connect and find your place in the future of your industry. There’s still time to save your spot. Register for your Executive Pass and we’ll see you in New Orleans.