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October 6, 2021

People, Processes, and Platform: AU 2021 Continues

Day 2

What would connected data, workflows, and teams mean for your work and your impact on the world? If every partner had the data they needed when they needed it, what would change in your processes—and your possibilities?

On the first day of AU 2021, we heard about the vision for Forge—a unified, cloud-based platform that makes the capabilities of Autodesk products available via APIs. Today, things got specific, with discussions about what this means for every industry. Check out a few highlights below, and remember to register for access to all content.

The General Session Part Two explores how the Forge platform will bring together data and processes from across the entire portfolio of Autodesk products, enabling better collaboration, easier impact analysis, generative modeling, and more. Autodesk President and CEO Andrew Anagnost and other Autodesk leaders share how this enables innovators and creators from every industry to reduce costs, drive new efficiencies, and spend more time on creative work and less time on repetitive tasks. Watch now.

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Design Keynote explains how making project data open, accessible, and extensible via the Forge platform enables us to reimagine the entire building lifecycle. It’s not just about design-build-operate anymore. We need to think about how buildings can be optimized and ultimately reused, too. By keeping data at the center, companies can disrupt themselves and create competitive differentiation. Watch now.

The Product Design & Manufacturing Keynote shows how our products are getting smarter and more responsive—and the processes we use to design and make them are getting smarter, too. With greater automation and more insight from initial model to finished part and beyond, previously distinct processes are coming together. And the tools we use can suggest new approaches and new workflows, too. Watch now.

The Media & Entertainment Keynote focuses on what the move to the cloud is doing for game companies, FX houses, animators, and visualization specialists. We learn how new kinds of automation like generative scheduling and compositing can unlock artists’ most precious commodity: their time. And we discover how the cloud enables companies to transform their business model. Weta Digital, for example, is making their proprietary creative tools available to creators around the world via subscription with WetaM. Watch now.

The Construction Keynote explores how the move to the cloud is changing what’s possible, making construction more connected, more agile, more efficient, and more resilient. We learn how connected data can flow through the entire partner ecosystem, helping every collaborator work together in a more cohesive way. Watch now.

In the second Tech Trends panel, How Data Connectivity Is Driving the Convergence of Design and Make, execs from Epic Games, SpaceIQ, Lenovo, and Autodesk discuss how connected data is enabling once separate disciplines to work in new, more integrated ways. And that’s enabling new solutions to our most difficult challenges, from increasing urbanization to climate change. Watch now.

And that’s just the beginning. Throughout the day, attendees joined learning sessions across industries, explored new solutions and workflows in the Solution Marketplace, and shared ideas and opinions in dedicated meetups. Meetings were set, appointments were made, and questions were answered. It was the AU learning community at its best. Thanks for being part of it.

The action continues tomorrow with General Session Part Three starting at 9:00 a.m., Pacific time. The Forge Keynote follows at 9:30 a.m., and at 9:45 a.m. Autodesk CTO Raji Arasu hosts a special conversation about digital transformation and convergence with best-selling author and expert Charlene Li of Altimeter. Meanwhile, AU 2021 regional events for the UK, Germany, France, Russia, and India will kick off tomorrow, with other regional AU experiences to follow next week for Asia.

We’ll see you tomorrow.