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July 13, 2018

Mixing Realities—Immersive Technologies in Industry

“Immersive technologies give us a superpower—an agency to experience the future before it happens, to see the unseen,” says Brian Pene, director of emerging technology in engineering at Autodesk. With virtual reality (VR), we can view products before they’re manufactured, walk through structures before they’re built, and make changes in real time. With augmented reality (AR), we can have relevant data and designs associated with a thing or a place floating right in front of our eyes when we look at it—and control that data with just a blink.

And the possibilities are just beginning. Learn how immersive experiences are enabling us to imagine, create, iterate, and collaborate in new ways with these 15-minute presentations from AU Las Vegas 2017.

The Future of Immersive Computing
Speaker: Brian Pene
From the early days of the Sensorama to the immersive audio and visual experiences possible today,   Brian Pene takes us on tour of mixed reality technologies and shows how VR and AR can improve safety, speed installation and inspection, connect collaborative workflows, improve decision-making, and empower the design process.


Blending Realities in AEC Using Immersive Experiences
Speaker: Simon Yorke
“Mixed reality is more than a digital model and a headset,” says Simon Yorke, advanced design technologist at Aurecon. “For us, it’s about capturing the world around us and blending it with the digital space—the 3D design space, simulation, and optimization—to give our designers superpowers.” Check it out:


See the Future of Work in VR, AR, and MR
Speaker: Stephen Goetzinger
Steelcase has been making office furniture for decades, but today they’re doing it in new ways for a new generation of workers, using immersive technologies that enable customers to not only see their more than 60,000 products in detail, but actually see what they look like in the context of real space—and share responses in real time.


Virtual Reality: When Playtime Gets Serious
Speaker: Gary Radburn
“One year in VR and AR is a dog’s year—there are 7 years of progression crammed into every year,” says Gary Radburn, director of virtual and augmented reality at Dell. Learn how Radburn and his team are deploying immersive experiences to improve and innovate processes in the world of design and manufacturing.


Learn More at AU Online

At AU online, you’ll find a multitude of classes about using mixed reality in AEC, Design & Manufacturing, and Media & Entertainment. We’re not even sure where to start, but here are just a few:

Augmented Reality: Practical Applications for Real World Problems
Speakers: Bardia Jahangiri, David Keane, William Tang
AR enables you to overlay data on the world around you. Explore what this means for review, fabrication, quality control, and marketing in the world of architecture and construction.

Virtual Reality Plus Mixed Reality: The Evolution of Storytelling to Story Living
Speaker: Solomon Rogers
In the 90s, VR was an over-hyped and under-performing consumer entertainment technology. But a lot has changed since then. Learn what’s possible today from the CEO of REWIND, a VR content studio that’s leading the way with work for the BBC, Björk, and Red Bull.

Harnessing Mixed Reality to More Effectively Design, Build, and Operate Infrastructure
Speakers: Scott Aldridge, Matthew Harraka
The team at CDM Smith uses immersive mixed realities to enable project teams to interact with 3D infrastructure models at scale. In this class, they demonstrate their VDC platform and discuss how they’ve integrated MR into their processes.

Seeing the Future: How Enhanced Realities Are Evolving How We Visualize Design
Speaker: Brent Jackson
Bridgestone is leading the way in the use of mixed reality in manufacturing. Learn how they’re improving product design, plant design, operations, training, and sales through immersive technologies.