News from AU
September 5, 2018

Meet the BrickBot: Intelligent Automation

Robots put things together every day. What’s different about Autodesk’s BrickBot is that it’s not given instructions about how to put something together. It decides for itself what piece to pick and where to put it.

In other words, the robot is told what to build, but not how to build it. It’s something that humans do every day—we solve problems. Until now, robots have been remarkably bad at it. But with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s beginning to be possible. The BrickBot is building with Legos for now, which has major implications for the future of both construction and manufacturing. Check out the story from Fast Company.

At AU this year, you’ll find a variety of classes focused on intelligent automation, for manufacturing as well as architecture and construction. You might want to add a few to your schedule. Here’s just a sample of what’s waiting in Vegas in November:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision to Increase Construction Productivity
The building industry is catching on to the huge practical potential of artificial intelligence. Combine it with machine vision, and you can track progress, detect deviations, and know exactly how much work got done.

Agile Construction: How Virtual Last Planner Input Is Optimized by Artificial Intelligence
Now that project managers, superintendents, virtual design and construction (VDC) engineers, and forepersons are using BIM, construction can truly move into the information age. Learn how Grit Virtual is helping.

Using Forge Toward Human-Robot Collaboration in Architecture
How can humans and robots work together on a building project? This class will explore the possibilities, with special focus on the interaction between a robot-managing server and a Forge viewer web client.

The Factory of the Future: The Industry 4.0 Reference Factory
Explore how advances in robotics and other new technologies are revolutionizing factories. The team from the trailblazing e.GO automotive plant shares their work.

Seamless Generative Design to Manufacturing
Additive manufacturing is only one way to produce generatively designed structures. This class walks through additive, subtractive, and combined approaches, from first click to final product.

Introduction to PowerMill Robot in Subtractive Manufacturing
Subtractive machining is one of the latest uses of robots in manufacturing. This class takes the PowerMill Robot plug-in as a case in point, showing its functions through various stages of the workflow.