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September 16, 2021

It’s Time to Build Your AU 2021 Schedule

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AU 2021 is just around the corner and that means it’s time to find your sessions of choice and save your seat. Before diving in, make sure you register for the conference first. (It’s free.) Then head over to the Session Catalog to explore the classes, meetups, keynotes, and other incredible content that will be available starting October 5.

What’s your focus this year? Whether you want to work smarter in Revit, automate design processes in Fusion 360, connect data sets in InfraWorks, build dynamic characters in Maya, or something else entirely, we’ll have more than 350 sessions to choose from.

You can filter sessions by type, topic, product, industry, occupation, and more. When you find a session you don’t want to miss, add it to your schedule. (Note that the system could take up to 60 minutes to process your registration before you can add sessions to your schedule.)

Meetups and some other sessions have space limits, so save your seat early. But be mindful of the community and add to your schedule only the sessions you’ll attend, since your seat will not become automatically available if you don’t show.

We’re just a few weeks from the conference kickoff on October 5. We’ll have more details as the big day approaches. Can you tell we’re excited? Register now and start planning your AU 2021 schedule.