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August 14, 2018

Get to Know the Power of the Forge Platform at Forge DevCon

How is cloud connectivity changing the future of construction, engineering, and manufacturing? How can you customize your deployments of Autodesk products so that they serve your teams and clients better? And how can you develop independent apps for these industry audiences?

The Forge platform puts the building blocks of Autodesk cloud services in your hands, and Forge DevCon is the event of the year to learn what’s possible and see how other companies are using the cloud to move ahead. Whether you’re a committed coder or a decision maker, a hands-on developer or just curious, join us on Monday, November 12 for the preconference and Tuesday at AU for more than 50 classes, dedicated keynotes, labs, demos, networking opportunities, and workshops.

Focus on Forge
The cloud is having major impacts on how business gets done across industries, and the fields of designing and making are no exception. Forge DevCon is your chance to get focused on what the cloud can do for you, adopt new practices and approaches, and adapt to the pace of change.

You’ll get exclusive access to real-world projects powered by Forge and learn firsthand how Forge enables you to integrate the latest technologies, from VR and AR to machine learning and generative design. See the BIM 360 API in action, explore the Forge Viewer, and see how colleagues are solving real-world business problems in new ways.

This year, Forge DevCon is joining forces with the Connect & Construct Summit—meaning you’ll share classes, breaks, and networking events. Your $150 DevCon pass will give you full access to both events.

Add an AU pass to make the most of the learning and networking possibilities. Choose between a Tuesday Conference Pass ($450) and a Full Conference Pass ($1,750 if you purchase before October 15).

Data is good. New digital tools are good. And when you can customize them, channel them, and access them from anywhere—that may just be the best of all. Forge DevCon is the place to learn how.

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