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July 6, 2023

Five Reasons You Can’t Miss AU 2023

5 Reasons to Attend


AU 2023 is happening November 13-15 and now is the best time to claim your pass to get the best price and lock in your hotel reservation. It’s going to be an incredible event! Check out our top five reasons why you should join us:  


1. Advance your career 

The Design and Make industries are transforming faster than ever. New challenges and new technologies mean that we all have to keep learning. With more than 550 classes and sessions to choose from, AU 2023 is the place to level up your skills and deepen your understanding of what your peers are doing today—and where your industry is headed tomorrow. Gain the expertise that can give you a leg up on the competition and take your career to new heights. 


2. Build community 

Learning happens through connection, and connection is what AU is all about. At AU, Design and Make professionals from all corners of the globe come together to share insights, experience, and perspective—and AU has countless opportunities to connect. 


It could be in a structured setting, like a meetup; in a conversation at a reception; or during a chance interaction at a party or activity. It can even happen by chatting with someone sitting next to you before a class begins. You never know where you’ll have the conversation that can change your career—or shift your approach to a long-standing problem.  


3. Transform your business 

The question isn’t if your business will transform, it’s when and how. If you’ve worked in Design and Make industries for any length of time, you’ve already seen your processes change at least once. And this era of transformation is far from over.  


How can you figure out what’s the next step for you and your business? Start in the AU Expo. See first-hand how other companies are adapting, talk to the people who did the work, and get your hands on the technologies they used. And in addition to featured customer installations and exhibits, we’ll have hundreds of booths from partners, vendors, and service providers that can help you transform your work. 


4. Increase efficiencies 

Transformation comes in many shapes and sizes. And the first step in any transformation journey is to find new ways to do things better—whether that means doing it faster, for less money, or with less waste.  


  • What processes can you automate? 
  • How can you accelerate the CPQ or bidding process?  
  • How can you make sure the QA process is more complete with less work? 


The key, as it turns out, is connecting every stage of the project lifecycle through Autodesk’s Design and Make Platform. And we’ll have hands-on labs, case studies, industry talks, and more to help you discover new, data-driven solutions. 


5. Spark inspiration 

Big ideas? Bold approaches? New visions for industry? You’ll find it all on the main stage at AU. Don’t miss the General Sessions on Day 1 and Day 2, as well as Industry Forums.  

Check out the AU Theater for 15-minute talks from thought leaders on trends and innovations that can power your transformation. Get inspired, get excited, and get ready to shape the future of your industry.  


AU 2023 is a few months away, but now is the time to purchase your Full Conference Pass at the best price. We can’t wait to see you in November! 

To learn more, visit the AU 2023 website today.