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October 5, 2018

Explore the Expo at AU 2018 and Schedule a Tour

The Expo is an essential part of the AU Las Vegas experience. It’s where you can learn about new technologies, test drive them, see how they’re being used in industry, and talk to the people behind them.

Whether you’re interested in new fabrication processes, want to walk through structures built in new ways, or try out a new VR headset to see how immersive technologies can improve design, the Expo is the place to explore, experiment, and see the future of making made real.

Buildings and Brackets, Cars and Connected Processes
The Expo this year will feature more than 20 installations and interactive exhibits showcasing groundbreaking projects from the worlds of manufacturing, architecture, construction, and engineering. From 3D printing habitable structures on Mars with robots to improving Formula 1 race car performance through better design, the Expo is where you can see how professionals are adopting new ideas and think about what it can mean for your own work.

Schedule an Expo Tour
While you can explore the Expo at your own pace all week, we also recommend adding an Expo Tour to your schedule. It’s a chance to join a small group of other professionals for a guided, informative trip around the exhibits. Tours happen every afternoon during the conference, and also Thursday morning. Add an Expo Tour to your schedule now.

Find Your Community Quad
This year we’ve created dedicated areas, or Quads, for professionals from different industries. You’ll find them in the Expo—one Quad for Design & Manufacturing, one for Architecture & Engineering, one for Building & Infrastructure, and another for Software Developers and the Forge community. We’re hosting different kinds of events each day in the Quads, with Tuesday’s focus on industry topics, Wednesday’s focus on products and technology, and Thursday’s focus on job roles. Think of all those CAD managers brimming with expertise, BIM managers in small ponds and big, and designers and engineers navigating today’s most innovative workflows. You’ll find a schedule of meetups in the Quads on-site.

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