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September 28, 2021

Explore Better Ways to Work in the Solution Marketplace at AU 2021

Man working at laptop

Workflows must evolve. New tools are developed. New processes become possible. New efficiencies emerge. You have to be asking yourself, "How can I do this better?" You need to stay on the lookout for the breakthroughs and approaches that can help you work smarter in the future, combining software and hardware platforms with third-party offerings, company standards, and your own individual innovations.

So what’s the best way to explore a technology ecosystem that is constantly changing and expanding? Start with the Solution Marketplace at AU 2021. It’s where you can connect with the partners that can help you unlock your new possible, from some of the biggest brands in tech to independent developers, startups, and beyond. The Solution Marketplace brings together a wide variety of providers in one virtual space where you can discover the solutions that best fit your needs and goals. 

  • Watch 10-minute solution demos, with opportunities for live Q&A.
  • Meet 1-on-1 with experts who can go deeper into your processes and answer your questions.
  • Browse and attend classes led by solution partners.
  • Participate in meetups and learn how your peers are thinking about shared challenges.

All sessions—both 10-minute demos and full classes—are searchable in the Session Catalog, and you can add them to your schedule after you register.

AU 2021 is a free digital conference this year, and you must be registered to attend. There’s still time, so register now. The Solution Marketplace opens when the conference kicks off on October 5.