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October 7, 2021

Every Business Is a Data Business: AU 2021 Goes Global

Raji Arasu

Your business is your business—whether your focus is architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media creation, or some combination of these. But here’s the thing: your business is also a data business now. Every business is. So what will you do with the data from your projects, your processes, your customers? How can you use that data to transform your business and build on your current success to be ready for the future of your industry?

On the third day of the AU 2021 America’s experience, we explored answers to these questions, as local experiences for the UK, France, Germany, Russia, and India got underway. It was an amazing day. Check out a few highlights below, and remember to register for access to all content.

The day started with the General Session, Part Three. In the first two parts, we learned about Autodesk’s commitment to building a unified platform and what this means for the industries we serve. In Part Three, Autodesk CTO Raji Arasu joins Andrew Anagnost to share how this will get done. Autodesk will be an API-first company. For innovators in architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and media, this means that you’ll be able to not only unlock your data, but unlock new possibilities for your business and reimagine how you serve your customers. Watch now.

In the Forge Keynote, Susanna Holt and Brian Roepke dive deeper into the changes that are coming to the platform. With open data, fluent services, and a secure and resilient cloud infrastructure, you’ll be able to spend less time searching for the data you need and managing and converting files, and more time focused on the creative work that can really make a difference to project outcomes. It’s all about making smarter decisions faster with better insight. Watch now. 

In Convergence: A Conversation About the Future of Cross-Industry Collaboration, Autodesk CTO Raji Arasu and author and analyst Charlene Li discuss the research Li and her team at Altimeter have recently completed. The research looks at how companies around the world are experiencing digital transformation, disruption, and the convergence of processes, technologies, and data, which ultimately adds up to a convergence of industries. Watch now.

AU 2021 Theater Highlights: Human-Centered Transformation features excerpts from Theater talks focused on how we can keep people at the center of innovation—both what we make and how we make it. Watch now. You can also watch all the AU 2021 Theater talks in full, on demand.

Other highlights from the day include:

  • Voices of Change: The Women of Architecture and Design, a documentary featuring four industry leaders reflecting on their experiences and the role of women in their fields.
  • The Fusion 360 Live Factory Experience, in which the team from the Birmingham Autodesk Technology Center walked us through the process for fabricating a UV cell phone sanitizer. Watch now.
  • In the Explainers videos, Autodesk experts share their research projects and pioneering work, from using AI as a partner in design to open standards for media production. Watch now.

The AU 2021 Americas experience is a wrap, but the AU 2021 experiences for the UK, Germany, France, Russia and India are going strong, and experiences for China, Korea, and Japan start next week, each with learning sessions, meetups, and more local language content for professionals in those regions.

Wherever you’re joining from, thanks for being part of the global AU community. Remember that you can watch AU 2021 learning sessions on demand after they air the first time, and most will be available year-round at Autodesk University.