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September 2, 2021

Don’t Miss the AU 2021 Keynotes

We’re living and working through a time of transformation. AU 2021 is the place to learn how to unlock new possibilities. This year’s global digital event kicks off with the three-part General Session and continues with the Industry Keynotes. Join us to be among the first to hear the big ideas and important announcements that will shape the future of your tools and your industry. You can tune in when it’s convenient for you, based on your location. Check out featured speakers and register now to save your spot.

General Session Part I

The disruptions of the past year and a half have accelerated the digital transformation of every industry. Technology platforms are proving to be an important way to connect everyone from the top floor to the shop floor. In the first part of the General Session, join Autodesk President and CEO Andrew Anagnost to learn how Autodesk is empowering innovators to make and build a better world with a technology platform that enables them to focus on the problems they want to solve instead of which tool they want to use.

General Session Part II

Innovators don’t wait for progress, they make it. In the second part of the General Session, join Autodesk executives Amy Bunszel, Diana Colella, and Scott Reese to discover how the Forge platform is evolving to connect workflows between roles and between industries. Learn how we’re making data more accessible, extensible, and open, so you can automate tasks, unlock insights, and unleash the talent of your teams. Note that in some regions, Parts I and II of the General Session will be broadcast back-to-back.

General Session Part III

The digital transformation of industry requires not just a shift in tools and processes, but also a shift in mindset. Join Autodesk CTO Raji Arasu as she explains Autodesk’s vision for the future and explores how designers, engineers, and makers from every industry can achieve greater productivity, more agility, and better outcomes for their companies, their customers, and the global community.

Building Design & Engineering Keynote

Innovators in architecture and engineering rose to the challenge of a turbulent year by embracing remote collaboration. This isn’t just a shift in technology, though: it’s a shift in how we understand the project lifecycle. As owners demand a more data-driven process, the push toward digitization enables us to better design, build, operate, and optimize. Join Nicolas Mangon and Leona Frank to learn how the Autodesk platform supports this approach and brings innovation and new possibilities to the AEC industry.

Construction Keynote

The future of the construction industry has never been brighter, in part due to the increased adoption of technology across all phases—design, plan, build, and operate. From streamlining specific processes to better collect, manage, and analyze data to embracing new business models, it’s no longer a question of whether to use technology, but how and why. During this keynote, Autodesk leaders will share Autodesk Construction Cloud updates and highlight industry innovators who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Design & Manufacturing Keynote

With the global pandemic, manufacturing companies have been forced to rapidly adjust to new ways of working, disrupted supply chains, and dramatic shifts in consumer demand. In the Design & Manufacturing Keynote, industry leaders will share strategies for adaptation and driving digital transformation. Learn how evolving tools and technologies can help manufacturers build resilience, improve collaboration, and automate processes to overcome the challenges of today and prepare for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Media & Entertainment Keynote

This past year has been one of rapid learning and adaptation. Demand for content is booming, but production studios of all kinds are struggling to deliver under conditions that none of us have seen before. Today, the media & entertainment industry understands the need to continuously evolve, decrease inefficiencies, reduce digital waste, and create better content with the right allocation of resources. Join Autodesk leaders and customers to learn how our platform can connect processes, automate workflows, and unlock insights, enabling flexible, scalable connections between teams, studios, and ecosystems.

Forge Keynote

Join us to learn more about the vision for Forge, Autodesk’s cloud platform. Hear from Accenture on why so many companies are not getting the results they want from their digital transformations and how Forge and connected data can help. Get insights from real customers already using the Forge platform to make their data work for them and learn how you can too.

AU 2021 is right around the corner—it all kicks off October 5. Save your spot now.